Clothes Quilt Storage Bag foldable storage box organizer


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Product information:
Color: Blue, Gray
Material: Non Woven Fabric
Feature:Various sizes
Handle: Easy to carry and take away with the handles
Clear Window: You can easily know what is inside with the clear window
Material: Made of non-woven fabric, durable and long service life
Application: Suitable for storing clothing, blankets, toys, photographs, baby clothing, etc
Folding: The box is folding, easy to carry and store when it is not used
Package included:
1 x Storage Box

Additional information


45x30x20cm gray, 45x45x20cm gray, 60x45x30cm gray, 45x30x20cm beige, 45x45x20cm beige, 60x45x30cm beige, 60x42x36cm orange, 45x50x30cm gray, 60x42x36cm green, 60x42x36cm blue, 60x42x36cm gay, 45x50x30cm green, 45x50x30cm blue, 45x50x30cm orange, 55x36x20cm, 55x36x20cm 1, 55x36x20cm 2, 55x36x20cm 3, 57x40x22cm, 57x40x22cm 1, 57x40x22cm 2, 57x40x22cm 3, 42x27x50cm, 42x27x50cm 1, 60x43x36cm, 60x43x36cm 1, 49x36x21cm blue, 49x36x21cm gray, 60x40x35cm navy, 47x28x50 navy, 60x40x35cm coffee, 47x28x50 coffee, 60x40x35cm beige, 47x28x50 beige, 60x40x35cm gray, 47x28x50 gray, 58x31x30cm blue, 58x31x30cm gray, 52x37x52cm gray, 63x45x36cm gray, 52x37x52cm black, 63x45x36cm black, 61x33x31cm blue, 61x33x31cm gray, 60x40x25cm, 55x36x20cm 4, 60x40x25cm 1, 55x36x20cm 5, 60x40x25cm 2, 55x36x20cm 6, 60x40x25cm 3, 55x36x20cm 7

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