Pot and Pan Set

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DS-101 Outdoor Camping Cookware Set Portale Tableware Cooking Travel Cutlery Utensils Pot Pan Hiking Picnic Tools Orange Handle
1. Anodized coating, coated with coated cloth, easy to clean, protect the pot and extend the service life.
2. Using imported aluminum, advanced hard aluminum oxidation.
3. Folding pot design, no space, complete picnic equipment, suitable for survival in the wild.
4. It is equipped with a storage net bag to facilitate the storage of pots and also to drain water.
5. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, comfortable hand feeling, indoor and outdoor should be used.

Material: aluminum alloy
Small pot: diameter: 12.4cm/4.88”, height: 10.6cm/4.17”
Small cover: 11.6cm/4.56”, height: 6.1cm/2.4”
Suitable : for 1-2 persons

Big pot: 16*9cm/6.29*3.54”
Fried pan: 17*4.5cm/6.69*1.77”
Teapot: 15*8cm/5.9*3.14”

C Specification:

Material: Advanced Hard Aluminum Alumina

Color: Orange, Green

Product Size:

Teapot Size: 138*138*80mm/5.4*5.4*3.1in

Cooked Size: 170*170*90mm/6.7*6.7*3.5in

Frying Pan Size: 180*180*45mm/7.1*7.1*1.8in

Product Net Weight: 740g

Material: Pot set: aluminium alloy; Wood Stove: stainless steel; Bowl: PP
Pot set height: about 16 cm/6.29”; diameter: about 14 cm/5.51”
After assembly of firewood stove: Height: about 21cm/8.26”, Bottom diameter: about 11.5 cm/4.52”

E Specification:

Material: Advanced Hard Aluminum Alumina

Color: Black

Product Size:

Skillet: Diameter 145mm/5.7in ,Height 80mm/3.1in

Frying Pan: Diameter 150mm/5.9in , Height 35mm/1.4in

Handle 100mm/3.9in

Bowl: Diameter 110mm/4.3in , Height 40mm/1.6in

Bamboo Shovel: 130*50mm/5.1*2.0in

Plastic Spoon: Length 160mm/6.3in, Caliber 78mm/3.1in, Depth 20mm/0.8in

Product Net Weight: 485

F Specifications:

Material: aluminum alloy

Net weight: 43g

Size: 125 x 35 x 35mm/4.92 x 1.38 x 1.38″

G Specifications:

Weight: 38g

Size: Length: 18cm/ 7.08”

The widest point of the spoon: 3.5cm/1.37”

The widest part of the fork: 3.2cm/1.25”

H Specifications:

Package weight: 0.340 kg

Product Size(L x W x H): 12.00 x 12.00 x 16.00 cm / 4.72 x 4.72 x 6.3 inches

Package Size(L x W x H): 13.50 x 13.50 x 17.00 cm / 5.31 x 5.31 x 6.69 inches

I Specifications:

Small pot: 122 x 105mm/4.80 x 4.13″ (bottom diameter x height)

Small bowl: 115 x 60mm/4.53 x 2.36″ (bottom diameter x height)

Cup: 88 x 127 x 60mm/3.46 x 5.00 x 2.36″ (top x height x bottom)

Spoon: 16cm/6.30″ (unfold), 10cm/3.94″ (fold); width: 4cm/2.57″

Fork: 16cm/6.30″ (unfold), 9.5cm/3.74″ (fold), width: 2.5cm/0.98″

Knife: 16.5cm/6.50″ (unfold), 9.5cm/3.74″ (fold); width: 1.2cm/0.47″

Furnace bracket: 17 x 10cm/6.69 x 3.94″ (unfold), 8 x 8 x 8cm/3.15 x 3.15 x 3.15″ (fold)

Hearth: 40 x 55 x 80mm/1.57 x 2.17 x 3.15″ (hard plastic box packaging, smaller than cigarette packs)

J Specifications:

Small cup pot size: 122x105mm/4.80*4.13″ (bottom diameter*height)

Small cup bowl size: 115x60mm/4.53*2.36″ (bottom diameter*height)

Stainless steel spoon size: 160*40mm/6.30*1.57″

Stainless steel table knife size: 165*12mm/6.50*0.47″

Stainless steel fork size: 160*12mm/6.30*0.47″

Stove size: 40x55x80mm/1.57*2.17*3.15″

Small bowl: Diameter 110mm/4.33″, high 40mm/1.57″

Bamboo shovel: 1 piece, 130*50mm/5.12*1.20″

Plastic spoon: 1 piece, 160mm/6.30″ in length, 78mm/3.07″ in caliber, 20mm/0.79″ in depth

Clean ball: 1 piece

Lock: 1 piece, 70*81mm/2.76*3.19″

K Specifications:

Power: 3000W

Expanded size: 85*70mm/3.35*2.76″

Storage size: 38*35*55mm/1.50*1.38*2.17″

Weight: 45g

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item.Thanks for your understanding.

Style A

1 x Small Pot
1 x Small Cover
1 x Storage Net Bag

Style B

1 x Big Pot
1 x Fried Pan
1 x Teapot
2 x Stainless Steel Cups
1 x Stove
1 x Set Fork Knife

Style C

1 x Teapot

1 x Cooking Pot

1 x Frying Pan

Style D

1 X Pot Set
1 X Wood Stove
1 X Bamboo Wood Spoon
1 Set X Stainless Steel Knife and Fork Spoon
1 X Quick hang Button
3 X PP Bowls
1 X Soup Spoon
1 X Luffa Sponge

Style E

1 x Cooking Pot

1 x Frying Pans

2 x Bowls

1 x Wooden Shovel

1 x Soup Spoon

1 x Cleaning Ball

Style F

1 x Outdoor Camping Cookware Bowl Pot Gripper

Style G

1 x Multifunctional Spoon Fork

Style H

1 x Pot

Style I

1 x Small Bowl

1 x Large Bowl

1 x Fork

1 x Spoon

1 x Knife

1 x Stove

1 x Furnace Support

1 x Drinking Cup

1 x Net Bag

Style J

1 Set X Outdoor Camping Cookware

Style k

1 X Mini Camping Stove

1 X Storage Bag

Style C

1 X 1.3L Shaped Charge Pan
1 X 0.8L Pan
2 X Cups
1 X Pot Cover


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