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Recliners Chair: It reclines to 160 degrees, extending footrest and reclining feature allows you to fully stretch
and relax, ideal for watching television, sleeping and reading.

Comfortably Padded: Padded seat cushions give more comfort and support where it's needed the most. This model offers soft padding, excellent lumbar support and full chaise seating.

Nothing is more impressive than this upholstered chair. It combines classic details such as a tufted back and elegant wings for striking aesthetic appeal with a modern beige interior — a wonderful mix!

Enjoy comfortable durability: Extra-thick seats, breathable covers and sculptural curves wrap around your body giving you pure comfort. Rubber wooden legs with non-slip pads create a sturdy place for rest, meditation or peaceful reading

Assemble: Easily assemble sofa in 20 minutes according to detailed instructions.

Clean and easy to maintain: With high-quality waterproof cloth upholstery, the chair is very easy to care for. It can usually be used once a week, lightly wiped with a microfiber cloth and added with a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

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